Confidential request for Wellbeing Service

How it works

The Wellbeing Service will engage with students who have been identified as needing help/support based on the Student Attendance Policy, or referred by their Personal Academic Tutor or other staff, or through Thinking-of-Leaving or who have self-referred and offer them individual support.

Each student will be routinely invited for a one-to-one appointment with the Wellbeing Adviser. During the appointment, the Wellbeing Adviser will work with the student to develop a Stay-on-Course Plan that will list all the issues that the student has identified and suggest steps to address these. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as guided self-help, general help from the Wellbeing Adviser, professional help from QMU staff (including the Disability Services and/or Counselling) or external help (GP, NHS, etc.).

The Wellbeing Adviser will follow up with students and support them to act on their Stay-on-Course plan. They will keep an individual case record and, with the consent of the student, may share some of the information with Exam Boards (e.g. in support of extenuating circumstances application), the Personal Academic Tutor (e.g. if additional academic support is needed) and/or other QMU staff/departments, as appropriate.

The Wellbeing Adviser will support the student to access any other QMU support services, including Student Services Units, Effective Learning Service, and Residence Life Team etc.

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Please note that appointments are typically 30-50 minutes in length so allow yourself adequate space after your session.

Please explain below your reasons for requesting a Stay-on-Course appointment, including details on any of the following if they are relevant:*

  • Attendance issues
  • Thinking of leaving University
  • Recent sudden bereavement, traumatic event, major illness/life change
  • Possibility of causing serious to harm to self or others - in this case please also contact your GP for urgent assistance

For academic concerns please also contact your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) to access support if you haven’t done so already.

Please describe any support/help/resources that you have already used as well as anything else you may have found helpful in trying to manage or address your difficulties and concerns.*

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